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What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is basically a condition in which the optic nerve gets damaged due the fluid built up in the front part of the eye. This in turn increases the pressure in the eye thereby damaging the optic nerve. Its the building up of pressure inside the eye, a condition known as intraocular pressure which damages the optic nerves and interrupts the transmission of images to the retina. Extreme case of glaucoma can lead to the loss of vision too.

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Causes of Glaucoma

  • The only reason for the glaucoma is building of pressure inside the eye. The fluid called aqueous humor which fills the space between the cornea and our natural lens flows out of your eye through a mesh-like channel. However if this channel is blocked then the liquid starts building up leading to glaucoma.
  • Doctors say that usually its inherited, however sometimes its also caused by blunt or chemical injury to your eye
  • Eye Infection
  • Blocked blood vessels inside the eye
  • An eye surgery to correct another problem in eye can lead to glaucoma too

Symptoms of Glaucoma

  • Appearance of rainbow colored rings around lights
  • Impaired and blurred vision
  • Loss of side vision
  • Redness in the eye
  • Changing of eye power constantly
  • Family history of glaucoma
  • Pain in the eye
  • Narrowed vision

Diagnosis of Glaucoma

  • Drops are used to dilate the pupil and the vision of the eye is checked for the optic nerve.
  • The doctor continues with taking photographs of the nerve to help him track your disease over time.
  • A test called Tonometry to check the pressure in the eye.
  • A visual field test to check the condition of side vision.

Glaucoma cannot be prevented. but if you detect it early you can control the disease

How is Glaucoma Treated?

  • Use of eye drops - Eye drops are used to increase the outflow of fluid from the eye or reduce the formation of fluid inside the eye. One might encounter few side effects like allergies, redness, stinging, blurred vision, and irritated eyes.
  • Laser Surgery
  • Microsurgery

"Glaucoma is called as a silent killer for it takes you by total surprise – no pain, no symptoms. Glaucoma is the second most leading cause of blindness in the world."